I’ve started playing guitar at 16 as selftought, driven by great players like Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Jeff Beck and Van Halen. After few years I met one of the oldest and most famous Italian Blues Band, the Blue Stuff.

With this band I have played thousand gigs, festivals and recorded all the official releases since 1999. We had experiences also at Italian Television (Renzo Arbore live show).

In the last years I have dedicated myself to other instruments like lap steel, ukulele and mandolin. On 2008 I released my first solo album, "Blues On Me" and on 2012, after few years of studying the root of country Blues, I’ve released “Mandolin Blues”, the first Italian record entirely dedicated to the Blues Mandolin. A very original release appreciated in Italy and Europe.

On 2016 came out the album: “Mandolin Blues – The Piano Sessions”, that is an evolution of Mandolin Blues exploring the interplay between mandolin and piano, with an offering of styles from ’20 and ’30 swing and Blues.

Today I’m working on the new chapter of Mandolin Blues records called “Mandolin Blues – The Acoustic Sessions” where I’m recording brand new original songs along with the best Italian acoustic Blues musicians.


Mandolin Blues - The Piano Sessions

The Piano Sessions is the natural evolution of Mandolin Blues, exploring today the interplay between mandolin and piano, with an offering of styles from ’20 and ’30 swing and Blues.

Mandolin Blues

The first Italian record dedicated to the Blues Mandolin. The worldwide collaboration resulted in a diverse offering of styles, from the vintage country Blues inspiration of Yank Rachell to the Chicago style of Carl Martin, and a healthy dose of jazz, swing and bluegrass.
Wonderful grooves. I especially like the diversity of sound and rhythms, from slow blues to New Orleans jazz. And of course your mandolin playing! Bravissimo.
Rich Del Grosso
You may be my favorite blues mandolinist. The songwriting and performance are excellent. My favorite cut is probably Memphis Blues. You have a natural command of the mandolin.
Jim Richter

Blues on Me

My first solo album. Acoustic Blues with a touch of swing and intrumentals, English lyrics.
It’s an impressive debut – good songwriting in the spirit of traditional blues lyrics. And a lot of versatility on guitar – finger picking, slide, lead, a bit of jazz, plus mandolin and banjo. Really good production and packaging too. I hope you have success with it. (Your “Roosevelt Stomp” reminded me of Charlie McCoy.)
Prof. David Evans (Big Road Blues/Musicologist)

Live - Tour

19 Luglio 2019
Lino Muoio & Blue Stuff @ Macchia Blues 2019

Address: Macchia di Isernia (IS)

21 Luglio 2019
Mandolin Blues @ Marco Fiume Blues Passion

Address: Rossano Calabro (CS)

24 Luglio 2019
Mandolin Blues @ Baronissi Blues Festival

Address: Baronissi (Sa)

27 Luglio 2019
Mandolin Blues @ Route 66

Address: Roma (RM)

20 Agosto 2019
Mandolin Blues @ Fragneto Monforte

Address: Fragneto Monforte (Bn)


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